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Planning Your Own Colorado Elopement

Calling adventurous hearts:

This is for you.

Simply put: you want to feel your wedding day differently.

You want the stage of your day to to be wild; untamed.

Among the trees, the crisp wind all around, and the mountains giving their full support.

Raw and real.

Like the both of you.

Breckenridge Elopement
Sapphire Point Elopement | Breckenridge, Colorado

Every single time that I get into my car after an intimate ceremony, I am on the verge of tears. There is something so sacred about it.

Is it because the primary focus is on your story and solely on the two of you?

Is it because of the elements that breathe in so much intention?

You want this:

Just you and the beauty that's fully abounding here in Colorado.

You want to be in your element and you want to feel alive.

I support that.

But, where to start?

How on earth do you begin to plan your adventure elopement?

Colorado. You start with Colorado ;)

And then from there, explore your options on the exact location.

Rocky Mountain National Park Elopement
Rocky Mountain National Park | Colorado
STEP NO. 1: Let's gain clarity - questions to answer are:
  • "How many people are we inviting? Will anyone be flying in? Is it important to stay close to a main airport for this reason?"

  • "What type of backdrop do we want?" (I.e. just mountains, a lake, aspen trees, pines, etc. - really visualize your day!)

  • "Do we want to hike to the spot or walk as little as possible?"

  • "Does it matter if the location has other people there?"

  • "What time of year do we want this to happen? Do we want snow or not?"

  • "Do we want to have coverage of the whole days story (getting ready, ceremony, and dinner?) or just the ceremony?

  • "What are some special elements we want to be apart of our day?

These questions should help you really narrow down exactly what you're looking for.

Once you have answered those, I can give you options based on your specific needs and preferences.

Let's explore some of those location possibilities, shall we?
Maroon Bells Amphitheater in Aspen

Just a short & easy walk up a paved path from the parking lot, this location can fit up to 50 guests.

Learn more about pricing (which is extremely affordable) and all the deets here.

Maroon Bells Aspen Colorado Elopement
Maroon Bells Fall Elopement

Maroon Bells Engagement Session
Maroon Bells During Summer


Rocky Mountain National Park / Estes Park

There are multiple locations to choose from in Rocky Mountain and in the instance that those permits fill up quickly like they did in 2021, fret not, you can always opt to choose from a location in Estes, just outside of the park, and then drive into RMNP for portraits. I can easily obtain that permit all year 'round for an incredible price. If you choose Rocky Mountain for your day, I have a plethora of options for you to choose from for your portraits. Honestly, these images below are just the tip of the iceberg - there are so many amazing locations jam packed into this area. There are certain designated areas for you to select from for the actual ceremony - you can see those here.

Sprague Lake Wedding Elopement
Sprague Lake | Rocky Mountain National Park

Trail Ridge Road Elopement Photographer
TRR | Rocky Mountain National Park

Alluvial Fan Bridge Elopement Wedding
Alluvial Fan Trail | Rocky Mountain National Park


Breckenridge / Dillon

Similar to Rocky Mountain in that there are so many incredible locations jam packed into these two locations.

If you are looking for some epic mountain photos, this may very well be the area for you.

You can receive our extensive list, learn how to obtain your marriage license, and go through all of the logistics upon booking! Send us an inquiry here.


Colorado Springs

Yes, you can get some awesome views in the Springs! You just have to know where to go.

Some locations are more easy to access than others and some locations are pretty desolate while others can be usually crowded (unless you choose a weekday morning and sometimes even week day evening)

whichever location fits in line most with your vision, I will guide you every step of the way.

Colorado Springs Elopement
Gold Camp Road | Colorado Springs

garden of the gods elopement photographer
Garden Of The Gods | Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs Elopement
Raspberry Mountain Backwoods
Some other random gems we love:
Crested Butte Elopement Photographer
Crested Butte

Crested Butte Elopement Photographer
Crested Butte

Boulder Colorado Elopement Photographer
* Reach out to us for your 2022 or 2023 elopement or adventure session - we have an epic wish list of locations that we've discovered and want to capture magic at and we are offering an insanely great deal if you choose to go with us and one of these exclusive locations *

Step No. 2 - Logistics + Legalities (can we skip to the good part?)
  • Timeline (I will send over a questionnaire and help every step of the way)

  • Permits

  • Transportation (some spots limit number of vehicles and some require off-roading vehicles to access the location)

  • Selecting vendors you want to be apart of your day (this is also where we will also dream of your day or multiple days and include everything that's important to you. Still want a cake? Want to have a picnic? Rent some Jeeps to drive up an insanely gorgeous pass? Private chef? Isn't it exciting just to think outside of the box?!)

  • Obtaining your marriage license

  • Will you have an officiant or will you be self-solemnizing (& did you know Colorado has that option!?)

  • Custom outfit planning guide if you decide to also book an adventure session

  • Preparing for day of essentials guide - this is all about what to pack if your elopement requires a hike to ensure we are hiking safely and prepared. Warm clothes, camping necessities if applicable, bear spray, and so on. Ya know, just fun stuff haha. I also keep a satellite texter stowed in my camera bag that has the option to send and receive texts without signal as well as an emergency button (I have never used it but it's nice to know the option is there) that can send an emergency helicopter our way if need be. I am extremely cautious with my couples and I've never ran into an emergency but this is Colorado, folks, and wilderness can be pretty.. well.. wild ;)


Winter Park Elopement Wedding Photographer
Winter Park

Step No. 3

Enjoy your freaking day!! :)

This is alllll about you two and the love you share.

Rain or shine. Snow or fog.

It's your day and it's going to be magical.

& I will be here to capture every last bit of your story.

Let the good times roll



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