Ask Michael where we met and he will say "I found her in the woods". And, I mean, while he isn't technically wrong, it's not as if I were waiting patiently for his arrival; abandoned and alone in the hills of Kentucky. No, rather, I was 20 years old, working in insurance and teaching group fitness classes - happy to be a new homeowner and living the small town dream. (Of coming home to watch Netflix by myself every night. Haha) 

The full scoop is that we were both invited by mutual friends to go on this camping trip in Red River Gorge. Being the extroverted (also sometimes introverted) weirdos we are, we went. I shook his hand in the dark and asked him if I could have his babies. The rest is history - now we have two babies and we still have a great love for the mountains, camping, and adventure. Just kidding about the babies part -- I asked him that MUCH later. 


We love each other and we love our clients. We invest in you as much (probably more) than you invest in us because we genuinely care about your wedding and even more about your marriage. 

The name "Function And Flourish" came from the fact that our marriage is represented by this idea that he is the function part, in this case, researching gear and making sure we are solid on the technical side. I am then the flourish, the editor and aesthetically-pleasing. 

If left to ourselves, my computer would crash and burn and he would have no idea how to make skin tones look dreamy. Together, and thankfully so, we are able to present you all with this brand that is not only well ran but looks (am I biased? Maybe) beautiful. While we are both proficient in shooting and sometimes dabble outside of our natural elements, we are so grateful that we compliment one another in these ways.

We love dreaming with you, helping you to plan, being a friend, going above and beyond, and getting AMPED with you about your wedding/elopement. We will rave about your day on the trip back after we have completed your coverage and we will rejoice with you when you receive your gallery. 

So what the heck are you waiting for? Reach out to us! Let the adventure begin.

This is us. Well, in a nut shell.


and Christina

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