Christina & Michael

What We Enjoy

We love each other and we love our clients. We invest in you as invest in us because we genuinely care about your wedding and about your marriage. Hiking in new places is a frequent adventure we intentionally make time for. We spend most evenings winding down with a glass of wine and a nerdy action movie or in our hot tub under the stars. While we like so many of the same things and have similar view points with our worldview - we are very, very different personalities - which is why this business thrives in both "function" and "flourish". I'm (Christina) the outgoing one with a deep love of nostalgia; usually in the form of music. I'm deeply in tune with people and being empathetic and genuine are my strongest qualities. If you are looking for someone who listens with the intent to understand and not thinking of what I'm going to say next; I'm your girl. I'll laugh with you and your guests and yes, cry, too. I'm all in - go big or go home, right? 

Michael is also empathetic but prefers to stay behind the scenes. He amazes me with his ability to problem-solve, fix things, and his resiliency is remarkable. He is so smart - I can't even begin to describe it. Whenever I run into an issue with anything technical, he figures it out and makes it better than before. I'm seriously so thankful to have him as not only my husband but also on my team. We both are held together by our faith in Christ and choose to live life to the fullest.



How We Named Our Business

The name "Function And Flourish" came from the fact that our marriage is represented by this idea that he is the function part, in this case, researching gear and making sure we are solid on the technical side. I am then the flourish, the editor to bring you aesthetically-pleasing imagery. 

If left to ourselves, my computer would crash and burn and he would have no idea how to make skin tones look dreamy. Together, and thankfully so, we are able to present you all with this brand that is not only well run but looks (am I biased? Maybe) beautiful. While we are both proficient in shooting and sometimes dabble outside of our natural elements, we are so grateful that we compliment one another in these ways.

Our Why

YOU. You are our why. We get excited dreaming with you, helping you to plan, being a friend, going above and beyond, and getting AMPED with you about your wedding/elopement/adventure session. We know what we have to offer, which is a unique spin on capturing your moments as they unfold in a majestic way that will fall in love with now and keep obsessing over for the years to come. We are able to make you feel in your element and highlight your story timelessly with breathtaking imagery. Knowing who we are, our expertise in the industry, and our ability to handle weddings well; we would be utterly selfish not to serve you. I personally help you with pre-planning, with creating the perfect timeline (so that you can focus on each other) and with recommending stellar vendors - so when you invest, you're hiring more than just a photographer. I'm with you all day and trust me when I say I'm the girl you'll want to be around. Don't just take my word for it; check out all of our reviews!  I'm not above doing anything it takes to make sure you get the day you dream of with the photos to prove it.

Olga Polo Family Photographer Cincinnati
Olga Polo Family Photographer Cincinnati