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Cole & Kala | Rocky Mountain Adventure Session

When I say Rocky Mountain has given me some great and unpredictable adventures.. I mean it.

This session began at the base level with a sprinkle of rain that turned into bigger droplets that we had to wait out in the cars but not before stopping to grab a shot with the rainbow, because duh.

Then, when driving up the pass, we were met with a down pour and the whole way up, as I was trying to calculate what our next move should be, the clouds opened up and an epic light beamed through.

The kind where you literally yell to the couple " HURRY! LET'S GOOOO".

And wow, I am SO GLAD we did - because look at this light.

Look at that amazing fog clearing up, moving through, to reveal the mountains.

Like a curtain pulling back for the main event.




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