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Frequently Asked

Q: Where do we begin? We are interested in booking you!

A: Please kindly fill out the contact form located under the contact tab on our website. I (Christina) reach out to you swiftly after we receive that form and will walk you through the simple and fun process of booking us!

Q: How do you pose us?

A: One of my main objectives is for my clients to have fun, be intimate, and enjoy the moment. So, in order to manifest genuine emotion, I direct ya'll where to stand and give just enough direction and then I get out of the way - I want the moments to be genuine and real. You guys are so much more magical than you even can imagine.

Q: Do you sell our photos to us after the session or wedding?

A: Nope. Your images are your images and I freely give all of the best to you through an online gallery with digital download and print release. Because nothing tangible is exchanged, sales tax does not apply. I give you easy downloading and printing directions so that you can choose what images you want printed, pay only for the price of the print (no up-charging here), and you order them online and they arrive in your mailbox. Pretty sweet, huh?

Q: What do you mean by "all of the best images"? You mean, we don't receive all of the RAW files?

A: Believe me when I say this, you do not want all of the images taken. When a beautiful gallery is delivered to you, you will be thankful that I got rid of ("culled") all of the blinks, blurs, duplicates, and weird faces (we all make them sometimes, haha) + also to stay true to the Function And Flourish Brand, I specifically hand-edit each beauty specific to our signature style that originally caught your eye to begin with. 

Q: How long then does it take for me to receive my images?

A: We give you a substantial amount of "sneak peeks" within 24-48 hours after the session or wedding. You can expect the full gallery to be delivered to you within 6 to 8 weeks.

Q: How do I receive my images?

A: Simple, your best e-mail. It's soooooo simple.

Q: Do you travel anywhere?

A. Absolutely we do - we (happily) go wherever love exists!

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