Sprague Lake Elopement | A Rocky Mountain National Park Intimate Wedding

Alex and Joanne planned such an incredible day; from the intimacy aspect to the rad mountain views. Can I just say, when I get to be with couples on an adventure, I'm in my element, and elopements definitely take the cake. There is something about saying "nah" to all of the traditional things that everyone thinks you should have and instead highlighting what makes you two, well, you. We met at the lake and got Alex set up across the lake so that we could showcase those breathtaking views and discovered it was a little hike and their sweet grandma couldn't walk all of that way, but no matter, she enjoyed the ceremony from across the way. With Joanne walking from the lot to the ceremony location, we all got a good chance to take in her in that much more and it was so magical. We three then hopped in the car together and headed upstream for the views on Trail Ridge Road, while the rest of the group headed toward the Terrace at Flagstaff in Boulder, where the intimate dinner would be. There was one spot I had in mind that I had come across a few weeks prior while driving with my little fam. A pull-off type of location with an epic mountain view that delightfully shouted an essence of Ireland. Wow, I am SO GLAD they were up for it and trusted my vision because these images are some of my favorite to date. Joanne's portraits look like a modern-day clip from my all time fave, The Sound of Music. I could go on and on about this day but well, I'll just let you see what I'm talking about for yourself.


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