Zion National Park, Utah | Ryan and Darcie

This engagement session was a total dream! Well, aside from having to drive around the entire park to get to the other side instead of driving straight through because the main road through the park was closed. (Hello, road work, didn't you know we were coming? Haha)

I digress, Utah is full of majestic mountains, creatures, and plant life. Passive-aggressive plant life that might jab you if you get to close, though that ring shot was totally worth it. And these two, Ryan and Darcie are so fun and down for an adventure! They didn't hesitate when I asked them to climb huge rocks or get into a freezing cold river. Their bravery didn't go unnoticed, obviously, because these images are incredible and most importantly, the memories of tackling the landscape together is something I hope they don't ever forget.


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